Unfortunately it was extremely busy at work as I was involved in a demo for our game, I couldn’t finish my entry  before the submission date. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists with their superb and inspiring artwork.

I decided to split the project into two – 1931 Frankenstein and a firefighter(will be update in another post) instead. Here the final render with Vray.


Frankenstein_Default02  Frankenstein_Default01

Some Zbrush Render


My entry for Zbrush Central Twisted Horror – The monster as Fire Fighter. He was afraid of fire wasn’t he? No more.

A flashlight


Some metal hook for insert brush


Accessories – Oxygen Meter


Accessories – Speaker/Microphone131102_Frankenstein_A




Some concept sketches for the character

20131022_132342 copy


Personal Project for some hard surface modelling.

Vray test Render130909_AV8B_C130909_AV8B_A 130909_AV8B_B


Preparing Decals sheet to be projected in Mudbox


Texture process in Mudbox. 8 Multi tiles textures for the body itself.



Texture import into maya then some material tweak with vray, import my character and render a shot and comp with WIP background painted by my friend Bradley Wright. (Click to see his amazing concept work)


Flight Deck Crew

Flight Deck Crew for my personal project – AV8B121215_CrewA





Details added to face in zbrush140125_Crew

01Texturing in progress02


A quick walkcycle anim to test my character rig and skin. Haven’t done any walkcycle since college, good old days 🙂

Test render with walkcycle animation. Learned vray linear workflow and render using sIBL. HDRI downloaded from

Variations for the crew and this is a quick one, just worked on the face, pants and diffuse texture! Thanks to my colleague Zi for allowing me to use his face texture.



3rd variant, and that’s my face 😛




This was meant to be a props for my August Robot, but I end up adding more and more details to it, while learning Zbrush hard surface modeling. Now I need to find a way to export it for August Robot ready to shoot some head. Well… I should give him a name instead of August Robot, what about Augustus Mk I ?



130309_MP5_Zbrush_A 130309_MP5_Zbrush_H 130309_MP5_Zbrush_G 130309_MP5_Zbrush_F 130309_MP5_Zbrush_E 130309_MP5_Zbrush_D 130309_MP5_Zbrush_C 130309_MP5_Zbrush_B


August is Robot Month

Stan Winston School Of Character Arts was having a competition for designing a 3d Robot in August 2013, which they name this month as Robot Month. (What an honor with my birthday is falling in August too)

Although I’m not participating the competition  (I knew I could never finish a robot within 2 weeks with my amateur design skills and 0 knowledge on zbrush hardsurface modelling) I took this opportunity to be on the same page with my colleague Stefano who was joining it and Brad also doing some 3d modelling. Learnt and have lots of input from these guys.

Some WIP and concept development of my August Bot:


Running out of idea, so I just worked on its skeleton/interior, base on Petman Robot. Then I started changing the shapes of it’s shell, looking sci-fi and futuristic. 130827_MetPoliceBot130828_MetPoliceBot

Robot Blocking, try to make it a MetPolice robot, with boxy shapes and simple form. It’s holding an MP5 because I’m planning to put him next to some policeman photo. (Not sure if I’m allowed to take their photo in UK, I know it’s not allowed in Barcelona 🙂 130821_MetPoliceBot130821_MetPoliceBotB

Quick concept done in zbrush


Danny | Obsidian Reverie Character

Obsidian Reverie is a CG shortfilm I’m working with my colleague Brad Wright and Stefano Tsai. Brad is the director and concept artist, Stefano works on environment and Vehicle while myself doing characters. As I’m currently environment artist at work, I haven’t been doing a lot of character work so just take this opportunity to learn to make CG characters, include learning zbrush, skinning and rigging in 3dsMax, and also my 1st time using Vray. Enjoying every moment of the project working with 2 truly talented and inspiring artists.

To see Stefano and Brad’s update here –


Walkman_02 Render_Package_01


Trying out marvelous designer

I’m trying to match him to an earlier concept. Felt I need some rework on his trousers although there is a possibility to use cloth simulations for the short.


Mesh is skinned to the rig and it enabled me to pose him a bit.131006_DannyPose

Rigging setup is done. 1st time to do this in 3ds Max studio, took a couple of evening with a few mountain to climb. Skinning will be next !131002_DannyRigSetup

Danny’s fullbody is done, gotta give him a rig for a walkcycle now. And what’s left? the helmet.

Medium Close-up shot of his textured jacket

130923_CharBodyG 130923_CharBodyF

1300925_DannyBodyA 1300925_DannyBodyB 1300925_DannyBodyC 1300925_DannyBodyD 1300925_DannyBodyE 1300925_DannyBodyF 1300925_DannyBodyG 1300925_DannyBodyH 1300925_DannyBodyI

Director decide to go for stylize character, and here’s the stylize sculpt in zbrush



Danny’s Head Turntable


Made the hair with planes instead of hair and fur to save render time in Vray. Guess what, that’s the hairstyle of Brad, and of course I got this approved right away 🙂



Look Dev for character’s texture and shader. Start from polypainted toon texture to realistic skin texture. Render in Vray with VrayFastSSS2, and an additive VrayMtl for highlight in VrayBlendMtl.



Danny Fullbody Sculpt Turntable


Danny Head Sculpt Turntable


Look Dev for the facial of main character – Danny



Look Dev for main character (From left to right, top to bottom). Concept art by Brad Wright





Helped my university classmate on his shortfilm project in 2010. Concepted and modeled this robot name Andy. The plan was to shoot live action footage and add a CG robot as the main character. So I did a small test with a live footage shot in front of my flat.

Modeled and rigged in Maya
Camera tracked with Boujou
Lit with HDRI (chrome ball)
Rendered with Mental Ray
Composited in After Effect