Bust of Pope Clement XIV

I love classical sculpture and would like to visit art museum more often than I could. Here is digital scuplt of my study from a sculpture in V&A Museum, London


Pope_Clement_XIVOriginal Sculpture and description

Christopher Hewetson (about 1736-98)

Bust of Pope Clement XIV

Signed and Dated 1773



The Irish sculptor Christopher Hewetson worked in Rome from 1765, specialising in portrait bust of British visitors on the Grand Tour. Pope Clement XIV (1705-74) had a particularly friendly relationship with the British, and this bust was commissioned by Thomas Mansel Talbot.



M240 Bot

A small modelling project after Alien Isolation submission at work. Started as a weapon trailer for my AV8B until I found a cool reference of CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station) and decided to mount it with 2 M240 on top. So, I shall name it as a SVB (Scout vehicle bot?) or whatever.Weapon_TrailerWIP01


Update, added an electric motor on the back and more details on top, cablesWeapon_TrailerWIP04 Weapon_TrailerWIP05


Textured version below, using substance designer, awesome package and save lots of time compare to texturing traditionally in photoshop. Good old days.

Weapon_Trailer_A Weapon_Trailer_B Weapon_Trailer_C Weapon_Trailer_D

Finally done!

Comp with backplate photo taken at the company basement carpark + HDRI mirror ball.

Started with mental ray in 3ds Max 2010 but I have lots of problem with production shaders although I’ve been following closely on Zap Mental Ray tips. At last I use Vray with slightly different workflow. Learn a lot.



Combined mirror ball images with 7 different exposures to create HDRI for base lighting and reflection,


Unfortunately it was extremely busy at work as I was involved in a demo for our game, I couldn’t finish my entry  before the submission date. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists with their superb and inspiring artwork.


I decided to split the project into two – 1931 Frankenstein and a firefighter(will be update in another post) instead. Here the final render with Vray.


Frankenstein_Default02  Frankenstein_Default01

Some Zbrush Render


My entry for Zbrush Central Twisted Horror – The monster as Fire Fighter. He was afraid of fire wasn’t he? No more.

A flashlight


Some metal hook for insert brush


Accessories – Oxygen Meter


Accessories – Speaker/Microphone131102_Frankenstein_A




Some concept sketches for the character

20131022_132342 copy


Personal Project for some hard surface modelling.

Vray test Render130909_AV8B_C130909_AV8B_A 130909_AV8B_B


Preparing Decals sheet to be projected in Mudbox


Texture process in Mudbox. 8 Multi tiles textures for the body itself.



Texture import into maya then some material tweak with vray, import my character and render a shot and comp with WIP background painted by my friend Bradley Wright. (Click to see his amazing concept work)