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Obsidian Reverie is a CG shortfilm I’m working with my colleague Brad Wright and Stefano Tsai. Brad is the director and concept artist, Stefano works on environment and Vehicle while myself doing characters. As I’m currently environment artist at work, I haven’t been doing a lot of character work so just take this opportunity to learn to make CG characters, include learning zbrush, skinning and rigging in 3dsMax, and also my 1st time using Vray. Enjoying every moment of the project working with 2 truly talented and inspiring artists.

To see Stefano and Brad’s update here – http://obsidianreverie.tumblr.com/


Walkman_02 Render_Package_01


Trying out marvelous designer

I’m trying to match him to an earlier concept. Felt I need some rework on his trousers although there is a possibility to use cloth simulations for the short.


Mesh is skinned to the rig and it enabled me to pose him a bit.131006_DannyPose

Rigging setup is done. 1st time to do this in 3ds Max studio, took a couple of evening with a few mountain to climb. Skinning will be next !131002_DannyRigSetup

Danny’s fullbody is done, gotta give him a rig for a walkcycle now. And what’s left? the helmet.

Medium Close-up shot of his textured jacket

130923_CharBodyG 130923_CharBodyF

1300925_DannyBodyA 1300925_DannyBodyB 1300925_DannyBodyC 1300925_DannyBodyD 1300925_DannyBodyE 1300925_DannyBodyF 1300925_DannyBodyG 1300925_DannyBodyH 1300925_DannyBodyI

Director decide to go for stylize character, and here’s the stylize sculpt in zbrush



Danny’s Head Turntable


Made the hair with planes instead of hair and fur to save render time in Vray. Guess what, that’s the hairstyle of Brad, and of course I got this approved right away 🙂



Look Dev for character’s texture and shader. Start from polypainted toon texture to realistic skin texture. Render in Vray with VrayFastSSS2, and an additive VrayMtl for highlight in VrayBlendMtl.



Danny Fullbody Sculpt Turntable


Danny Head Sculpt Turntable


Look Dev for the facial of main character – Danny



Look Dev for main character (From left to right, top to bottom). Concept art by Brad Wright




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