August is Robot Month

Stan Winston School Of Character Arts was having a competition for designing a 3d Robot in August 2013, which they name this month as Robot Month. (What an honor with my birthday is falling in August too)

Although I’m not participating the competition  (I knew I could never finish a robot within 2 weeks with my amateur design skills and 0 knowledge on zbrush hardsurface modelling) I took this opportunity to be on the same page with my colleague Stefano who was joining it and Brad also doing some 3d modelling. Learnt and have lots of input from these guys.

Some WIP and concept development of my August Bot:


Running out of idea, so I just worked on its skeleton/interior, base on Petman Robot. Then I started changing the shapes of it’s shell, looking sci-fi and futuristic. 130827_MetPoliceBot130828_MetPoliceBot

Robot Blocking, try to make it a MetPolice robot, with boxy shapes and simple form. It’s holding an MP5 because I’m planning to put him next to some policeman photo. (Not sure if I’m allowed to take their photo in UK, I know it’s not allowed in Barcelona 🙂 130821_MetPoliceBot130821_MetPoliceBotB

Quick concept done in zbrush


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