M240 Bot

A small modelling project after Alien Isolation submission at work. Started as a weapon trailer for my AV8B until I found a cool reference of CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station) and decided to mount it with 2 M240 on top. So, I shall name it as a SVB (Scout vehicle bot?) or whatever.Weapon_TrailerWIP01


Update, added an electric motor on the back and more details on top, cablesWeapon_TrailerWIP04 Weapon_TrailerWIP05


Textured version below, using substance designer, awesome package and save lots of time compare to texturing traditionally in photoshop. Good old days.

Weapon_Trailer_A Weapon_Trailer_B Weapon_Trailer_C Weapon_Trailer_D

Finally done!

Comp with backplate photo taken at the company basement carpark + HDRI mirror ball.

Started with mental ray in 3ds Max 2010 but I have lots of problem with production shaders although I’ve been following closely on Zap Mental Ray tips. At last I use Vray with slightly different workflow. Learn a lot.



Combined mirror ball images with 7 different exposures to create HDRI for base lighting and reflection,

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